Saturday, April 26, 2008

My new releases!!!

It has been so much fun creating these new designs. These are only available from one source besides myself right now. You get the sneak peek before Spring Market in Portland! Quilt Market is in mid May and all of the designers I know are scrambling to get ready with their new designs to be released and launched at Market!

I will be headed to Portland for Market and I will be attending and meeting with people there. I will also be helping the owner of The Material Girls (Nadine) shop for some new stuff for our shop. FUN! I can't wait-Market is always exciting! I am working toward being an exhibitor at Fall Market in Houston this year as well.

Also, big news and a great opportunity for my company is Moda/United Notions became one of my distributors this past month. Already they are selling my patterns well. That is exciting by itself, but they also will be diplaying two of my new quilts in their booth at market in Portland! Look for my Fortune Teller and Round and Round We Go quilts United Notions booth if you are headed to Portland!

my newer patterns...

This whole process of developing an launching my pattern designs and business has been so amazing. The response I hear from my customers, retailers and wholesalers alike, is so positive it continues to drive me forward. These are some of my newest patterns.

More patterns....

These are a few of my first patterns that were published. I love these maybe because they got the ball rolling for my business.

Fresh Cut Quilts patterns

These are a couple of my best selling patterns so I am posting them first! I will be posting all of my new patterns this weekend as well so check back! I have 15 patterns published now and many more on the way in the coming months.

Fresh Cut Quilt patterns contact info

I have meant to post my patterns on my blog for as many days as I have had it up and running! Oops! I keep forgetting!
If you would like to order a pattern (or two, or three!) feel free to contact me at

Quilt Sampler 10 best Quilt Shops Mag!

I work at one of the shops that is featured in Quilt Sampler magazine that was just released! The shop I work at is called The Material Girls and is such a great quilt shop! Here is a pic of the cover of the magazine.

We are so excited about this! The shop has been all a-buzz with activity ever since the magazine was delivered Thursday. Be sure to go out and find your copy and check out our shop and quilt in the book! Our quilt was designed by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup. We love her and her designs!

I believe you can vote for your favorite shop on , but I couldn't find the link yet- when I do I will post it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I nearly forgot to mention it! I love that we have Earth Day, and yet my inner environmentalist wishes we could celebrate the Earth everyday and make it better. I do actually in my own little ways. I will list a few and maybe someone out there will find some easy tips for being a little more 'Green'.

1. I turn off the water when I brush my teeth. It saves about 5 gallons of water each time.

2. I recycle anything that I can recycle, even if it means rinsing off my tin foil and wasting a tiny bit of water.

3. I use vinegar for cleaning windows-safe around kids and pets too!

4. I kill weeds with a solution of 1/2 vinegar, 1/4 lemon juice, 1/4 water and 1/4 cup of salt in a gallon container. Put into a spray bottle and use like you would any weed killer for spot treatment. Also safe around kids and pets.

5. I am beginning to change each lightbulb as it goes out with fluorescent bulbs that are more energy efficient.

6. I use a front loading washer. Uses 2/3 less detergent, and 18 gallons of water per load as compared to 45 gallons per load- also an energy saver.

7. combine my driving trips to stores and shopping etc-so I go only when I have several places to go.

things I want to do this year and make a habit:

1. use special shopping bags at the store instead of store bags- no more plastic bags. I admit I forget to bring them with me- that is the hard part!

2. Try using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning- floors, mirrors, windows etc- not as smelly as vinegar and cheaper and safe as well.

3. be better about turning off the computer and unplugging appliances when not in use.

I am sure there are oodles more I can do and do all of the time, but I cannot remember everything in one go!

Happy Earth Day and go Green!


Welcome to the new Fresh Cut Quilts blog!

Welcome to my blog! First I would like to say welcome to all the folks who have seen my blog on Wordpress. In an effort to consolidate my work life, this seemed an easy way to do it. So I am in the process of closing down my blog on wordpress and will keep this one going exclusively. I find navigating between my gmail and blog a little easier on blogger.

So, what am I all about you ask? Primarily this blog will let you my faithful folks and friends, know what is going on in my designs, what is new in quilting fabrics, what new designs I am dreaming up, and all other things that pertain to my pattern design business. That was a run-on sentence and I apologize, but you get the idea.

So without any further pause I will begin blogging! I hope you come back and visit!