Monday, July 28, 2008

A new playmate

Well, my two cats had to be at the vets office while we were on vacation. They boarded them for us, for healthy fee of course. Good news is the cats are doing great and looks like they will forgive us for that.

While at the vet's office....They had some kittens for adoption. Usually they don't, but I guess there have been a lot of baby kitties being born lately. In other words, it is usually safe for me to go to the vet's office. I am a sucker for a fuzzy kitty face you see.

So I fell in love with this little guy. Isn't he adorable? how can you pass on this one? I couldn't and the price was right. Since they knew I would give him a good home, they waived the adoption fee. He already has his shots and has been fixed, so we are good to go! Except......
My other two kitties don't love him yet. I have faith that since they didn't attack him at first sight, they will all be fine together.
Now we need a name! Any ideas?????

Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego California---Vacation Time!

We just got back from our family vacation. 8 days, two kids, two adults, two 12 hour car rides, and now we are back. Whew!

We drove from Northern Utah, to San Diego California. One of our favorite places on the planet. We love being close to the ocean. If we could afford it, we would buy a second home down there. Not an option now with college looming in the distance for our two girls. Anyway, we had a great time.
I did, go antiqueing while in California and this gorgeous vintage teapot was one of my finds. I love the kitty on top of the beehive. Appropriate since I live in the Beehive State and love cats!
Right now, it sits atop my 1927 GE Hotpoint Stove that I use as a sideboard in my dining nook.
Also, a wonderful find is this darling vintage quilt. The little diamond stars between the circles are old feedsack fabrics and I would guees it dates to about the 40's-thoughI will have to have it appraised and dated for me. It's not big, but is a lap size and was a steal! I couldn't believe the price was right when I saw it-made my husband look to make sure there was no '1' in front of the price!
The hotpads at the top right are vintage finds too- from the 30's out of feedsacks. The quilt under the circle quilt is a vintage 1930's era Double Wedding Ring quilt I found several years ago. My collection is growing! :)

Before we went to the antique stores....
We visited the pool first--- and I got a nasty sunburn on my shoulders. Forgot to apply the sunscreen. But, I survived and just kept covered until I healed up more. Admittedly, I looked overdressed on the beach, but who cares!

Then we went to Point Loma. It is the Southernmost point in SanDiego and has a lighthouse that was built in the early 1850's.

This is my husband and daughters
in front of the Point Loma Lighthouse.

This is my girls and I with the ocean behind us at Point Loma.

Inspiring was the original hand-cut glass of the light reflector for the lighthouse. it is very geometric and just amazing to see it glimmer and shine in person.

Inspiration for a quilt maybe???? We'll see!

These are the feet of my girls (I love their feet!) in the surf in Oceanside. Carlsbad and Oceanside have great beaches and we went to both. Carlsbad is also a wonderful little town (where my Mom grew up incidentally) that is charming and easy to walk and shop.

We also went to Old Town San Diego and went through the Whaley House. Once a home and mercantile, it is said to be the most haunted house in America. We didn't really experience any ghosts though. It is a beautifully restored house from the 1800's and had several lovely quilts that were from the era. One was believed to have been one of the Whaley family's quilts. They also had the first theatre in San Diego in an upstairs room, and one part of the home was rented out to the county of SanDiego for a courthouse for a while. We didn't get any pics of the Whaley House- left the camera at home accidentally-oops!

Old Town is a wonderful part of San Diego even if you don't go through the Whaley house. There, are lots of quaint shops, and many great restaurants. There is a Trolley you can get tickets for and it will drop off and pick up in many parts of San Diego if you don't feel like finding parking everywhere.

The Mission San Luis Rey is called the "King of Missions" because it was the biggest of 26 Spanish Missions that line the California coast. The chapel was built in the shape of the cross, and is so perfectly charming. It is the kind of place that makes you feel closer to your faith, no matter the faith. The cemetary, the grounds and buildings are magnificent. It is in Oceanside California and is just gorgeous. The Mission was built so the Spaniard missionaries could teach the local Indians about religion and how to become "useful and productive" citizens for Spain. I am sure the Indians already thought they were both useful and productive-but that's a whole other topic!

These are the archways of the mission. The Mission also housed travelers for rest and food on their way through the California valleys.

This archway is origianl and is an opening to the gardens where the Friars would plant vegetables. To the left in the back ground of the opening of the arch is the oldest Pepper Tree in California. A seed was brought from Portugal on a ship to plant this tree in the 1700's. The Mission was built in 1798.
Vacation is great, but it sure is good to get home!

New quilt designs!

Here are some of my new quilt designs. All three will be sent to the distributors soon, but for now they are exclusives at some local shops her in Utah. I am so fortunate that my local shops support me in my pattern design, and in turn I support them as well! So I offer them exclusives of certain patterns before I release the pattern internationally.

This one is called "Swing Dance" and is made of the Jitterbug line of fabric from Andover--love that line!

This pattern uses only 10 fat quarters, a background fabric, and inner and outer border fabrics! Easy!

And, next is one I called "Penny's Playtime". I named it after my kitty Penny because she loves to roll around on my finished quilt tops-before they get quilted! She is such a goof, but we love her and felt she needed her own quilt. I also included in the pattern, the instructions and template for making "stuffy kitty"- the stuffed wool kitty in the photo.

This one is made in the line "XOXOXO The Cat" by In The Beginning Fabrics

This quilt comes in two sizes, with or without the outer border. 38" x 45" or 34" x 38"

Only 7 fat quarters make up the center without the border! Easy and inexpensive to create. It is perfect for quick baby quilt or as a pet quilt to protect your furnishings.

NEXT! And last for now..... There will be more to come soon! This one is a large tablerunner 35"x 49" created in "Winter" by Moda. A little more difficult to make, but so worth it for a formal table protector for the holidays! I would love to see it made up in other holiday themed fabrics--Halloween or Valentine's Day would be darling! But also would be pretty in 30's fabrics or Civil War fabrics.

This one is called "Table Gifts" Pretty huh! I love it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To Market, To Market

I made the decision this month to take the plunge and become an exhibitor this fall in Houston at International Quilt Market. I really debated it a lot and kept coming back to the same conclusion. If I don't do it now, then when? So I sent in the deposit for the booth rental and the check has cleared, so I am going! My dear friend and editor/tester of my patterns will be there to help me too, which is wonderful news too!

I have been busy making new samples and patterns to release over the next couple of months, as well as a pattern and quilt that will be featured in Asian Fabrics magazine. Not sure what issue of the magazine yet, but I should find out soon.

So, I will be sure to put some sneak peeks on here of the new patterns as they become ready!
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

So busy I feel I am like the buzzing bees of summer. No time to blog, no time for me, only time for sewing. And forget weeding the flower beds yikes! The weeds have taken up residence in my flower gardens. Fortunately, I have lots of flowers blooming so passersby don't see the weeds as much.

I am finishing up two quilts/pattern designs that I am making for two local shops here. That has been high on the agenda. Also, I am going to be published in Asian Fabrics magazine and that design is under way as well. Those are the top three. Among other tasks, I have just published three new patterns, and am preparing 6-7 more right now besides the ones for the magazine and shops.
The patterns will all be available in the coming months. The three newest ones and the two for the quilt shops, Elaines Quilt Block, and Quilt, Quilt, Quilt Etc. will be on the blog and my website if I can ever get it going very soon.

I am using several new lines by Moda that have not yet been released. The new Mary Englebreit line, Fig and Plum by Fig Tree, Miss Jump's Scrapbag, Bistro by Deb Strain, Butterfly Fling, & American Primer by Minick and Simpson. Some of these lines are up on United Notions website in the Future Groups section. United Notions/Moda have been kind enough to provide me with some of these fabrics for these designs. So check out thier website at Also have another design I may make up for a pattern if there is time, by Denyse Schmidt in her Home Dec fabrics.

Why you ask am I running around like crazy doing all of this???? Well, I decided to take the plunge and become an Exhibitor at the Houston International Quilt Market. A huge step for me and my business! Also, a big expense. So in an effort to get lots of orders at Market, I will be releasing many new patterns there. There it is, my big news. I have kept it under wraps for a while now.

So check back and will will post photos soon of all the new stuff!