Monday, September 22, 2008

All Done!

Well the quilts are anyway! I still ahve two patterns to finish writing- they are in a draft stage as of now but will soon be done done done! What a relief!

I am especially glad I got all of this done since I have to go out of town for a few days, but I will be back and maybe with some photos of the EE Schenck warehouse if I can! I have to go to Portland for a few days for another reason, but while there I thought I would go to EE Schenck (a fabric and notions distributor) and have a shop through the warehouse. Should be a highlight to the trip actually. Of course I have to try to get to Hollyhill Mercantile in West Linn too-they have such a cute shop. Then at least part of the trip can be called 'business' maybe that will help me justify the rental car for my independence from family time! :)
Until I get back my pets---- and hopefully I will have some coll stuff to show you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sneak Peeks......

Well here it is the middle of September and I thought I would be all caught up on my designs and patterns......NOPE! Not as of right now! My deadline for thge new designs and patterns is Sept 30th so it is crunch time for me.

The first sneak peek is of a new quilt and design out of Miss Jump's Scrapbag fabric by Moda and some wool floral accents. You only get to see part of it right now...

This next quilt is a tabletopper and also has some wool accents in the border, the fabrics are charm squares in American Primer by Moda.

Most of the patterns are ready for printing, but the covers still need to be finished.

This one is made from some of the fabrics in Heather Bailey's two new lines called Pop Garden and Bijoux, add a little aqua chenille, and a cute gathered ruffle along the center panel and voila! Here is my newest and possibly the most different of all my designs "Groovy Retro".

I hope you all loke my new designs as I sure have tried to offer a little something for everyone- a little funk, a little traditional, a little new and different and a little unexpected. I am excited to release these three and about four or five others at Market next month!!! It's all coming right along and I just cannot show you everything yet my pets!!!!
Until next time....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We have a winner!

Okay well two actually. My good friend Des from Quilt Taffy sent many of you here so I owe her a pattern for helping me. She is such a Doll! Thank you Des!

Onto the Grand Prize Winner...... We had 37 posts-not bad for a newbie here! My husband drew the number and had no idea why he was doing it! Hee Hee! He drew number 24 and that was Sue Cahill!!! Congrats Sue! I will send you an email and you can choose which pattern of mine you want-- and I will let you know the options on the layer cake pack! I will need your address too!

Thank you to all of you who took the time to visit and leave me notes-- I have read them all and take them all to heart. It is all very appreciated constructive criticism, and I have already made some of the changes mentioned. Again Thank you!