Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quilt Giveaway!!! Woo hoo!

Do you want to win one of 3 Quilts???? Completely gorgeous, completely finished completely wonderful quilts? If you said YES!-- click on the top button on the right side of my blog page. The one that goes to Old Red Barn Co. Dana my dear friend in North Carolina makes amazing soaps and amazing quilts as well. She is a quilty friend of mine for sure.
The one in these photos- is an original design, soon to be a pattern, made by me! here is another photo (Dana is also a very talented photographer)

So click on the button and go make your comment on her blog. And of course comments are welcome here too, but the ones you make here won't enter you into the contest!
Until next time...

Monday, November 3, 2008

home again home again.....

I am back home and only slightly worn out from Market in Houston! Actually I got back last Tuesday evening, but with Halloween and kids I had to be Mommy the rest of the week.
As promised, I do have some photos to share. These are photos of my booth.

Here is a photo of Annie Smith with my dear friend Janet Platt at her booth. Janet invented the Quick Points Ruler for making Prairie Points fast you can check it out at her website here: Annie Smith is the famous Podcaster for quilters and makes all of us "unknowns" famous in the quilting world. I had the pleasure to meet her and have a quick chat at Market. By the way, she is also a very talented quilter and pattern designer! You can check out her website here:
Here I am with Lani from the online quilt store 'The Quilt Shoppe'. She is darling and really has a handle on how the quilting world is turning more and more toward the internet. Her online only shop can be accessed through this link: Check it out! They have some really wonderful items!

If we look a little glazed over it is because this was the final day of Market and we were exhausted!
Finally, here I am at dinner with my dear friend Sandi (far left of the photo); who is also my personal pattern editor and tester, and our friends Marlous, and Judy at Josephine's restaurant. Next to Marlous is me, then Judy, and Lori Kabat and Linda her assistant of Lily Anna Stitches. Lori is a designer of darling wool needlings. Marlous is a very talented quilt pattern designer and her site is . Josephines has possibly the best Italian food I have ever had, and it is a wonderful restaurant in the heart of downtown Houston-Who Knew??? !

We just all had too much fun! Market is amazing. You get to meet wonderful quilter's who share your passion and make new quilty friends. I am a lucky and blessed gal! Thanks to all who shared it with me and stopped by the booth to meet me! Until next time....