Thursday, April 2, 2009

Over the hump

Well I think the little one is feeling better finally. It has been a long five days of misery for her. I took her to the doctor yesterday and the strep test was negative. The hard part about that is that I almost wished that she had strep just so the meds would help her feel better faster. It is so hard to wait for their little immune systems to do all the work.

She broke the fever tonight and immediately was running around playing again! I think she might actually get to go to school tomorrow. She and I are both excited about that. Don't get me wrong. In some ways I have loved having this time alone with her, but in others it has surely slowed me down.

Yesterday we sewed together. That was fun. She made a small patchwork doll quilt using my machine. I will help her back it and then let her tie it for practice. She felt so big and grown up. She did a GREAT job too! I will photo her work soon. She used pre-cut Moda Charm squares left over from a different project I did. So cute.

Anyway tomorrow I need to tell you all about QuiltQua! It is really cool and if you haven't checked out the site yet, check back and will post a link. There is a ton of quilting info on there!
Kari ~aka~ sick kiddos Mommy


uers said...

I cannot wait for QuiQua. I think I will be here all day until then.

An Unruffled Feathered said...

Great site to share! Thanks!