Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Beach Festival

Long Beach Convention Center- Not sure who the lady is!

Well I just got back from Quilt Festival in Long Beach California. Long Beach is a great city, and the downtown area is very walkable. I saw the Queen Mary ship for the first time. Even from 1/4 mile away she is magnificent.The Queen Mary in dock.

I went with my friend Tina. She not only drove most of the way, but also helped me so much during the show. Let's suffice it to say I owe her big! We had a great time away though. Stopped along the way and went on Route 66, got a picture with the Big Boy from Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Baker city- only 107* F. that morning! Saw the world's tallest thermometer also in Baker. Passed through Vegas and all of it's glory.. It is very impressive at night too- saw that on the way back. Tina knows her way around Vegas! We went to Trader Joe's in Vegas and picked up some goodies. We are lacking a TJ's in Utah so we have to stock up when in Vegas or California. We also stopped at a cute quilt shop in St. George Utah called Quilted Works. They have some nice fabrics and put some cute kits together there.

In Long Beach we met some wonderful people, many of whom I have photo's of. Pat Sloan-she is too fun, Eleanor Burns- so funny and a dear lady, Sandy Klop aka American Jane-so talented, Marti Michell- I got a personal teaching lesson on her templates. I cannot wait to try the Log Cabin Rulers- she has a brilliant mind! We had fun to say the least. Getting to be me and not Mommy and wife for the weekend was great. I don't get that very often, and it is a treat. I did love returning home to my true job as Mommy to my dear ones. I missed them and they missed me- a lot! My husband always appreciates me more of after these extended weekends away!

Tina has the photos and she will be at camp all week-then is off to Iowa to shop some vintage auction stuff. Me- I am stuck here hoping she will hurry home with the photos- and some great finds! She's too busy this week to forward them to me. So two weeks from now I should have the pics ready to post. In the meantime, I can post some of the photos of my new designs.

If we all get lucky and I remember- I will post the quilt photos tomorrow or perhaps the next day!