Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yesterday.....nasty headache

Okay so yesterday i was going to post some pics of what I have been up to this month. Instead this little head cold I have been fighting gave me a monster headache all day. It verged on migraine, but after some rest, Tylenol, almonds, more rest, chocolate, diet pepsi, more chocolate, and lots of water it finally eased up.

Today we have snow again. Lots of snow. Would love to show you, but seriously, it's snow- who cares what it looks like after the first 10 inches of the season!

I will be back later with pictures of quilts and stuff!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The truth about it all....

Well the truth about it all is that in 2008 I posted 28 times on my blog.

So far in 2009 this is the 24th post and I only have a few more days left to improve that number.
Seriously, I don't get caught up in competition, not even with myself. But I do like to think that I am always striving to do better. In this case, I am failing. I must do something about it.

SO I am re-dedicating myself to this blog, and to my lovely thirteen subscribers whoever you are! I do know many more people out there read blogs, and do not subscribe or comment on the blogs they read. I am the same as everyone else that way.

Whatever you like to do, if you are reading my somewhat pathetic blog-- I truly appreciate it. Therefore I will be better about blogging, posting or whatever we call it!

Let's set a goal for me--- how about one post each day until the end of this year--- and then two times weekly in 2010. I will see about doing better than my goal-but I'm being realistic here.

Thanks for sticking with me!