Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Henry Glass Designers Project Parade Day 1

Introducing the Henry Glass Designer's Project Parade!!!

What is it?  It's a fabulously fun blog hop that goes from December 1st through December 7th.  With individual free projects offered each day at the designated designers' blogs and a big Giveaway at the end on the Henry Glass Blog.
What do you do?  Each day you will go to each designer's website for that day.  There will be 2 or three designers blogs to visit each day.  Many of the designers are hosting giveaways besides the big grand prize at the end, so be sure to visit each one.  Each designer has been given a "special" word to mention in her blog post.  That word is what you need to enter the big giveaway at the end.  You will need all 15 words in order to enter the drawing at the end.  You can only get the word by visiting each designers blog post, then you enter the drawing at Henry Glass by listing correct words and you must leave that and your name and contact info in your comment.  The people at Henry Glass are great but they aren't mind readers, and if thirty Sharon's enter without giving their last names, things could get confusing. You can only enter once, and in order to keep things fair the comments will not show up on the blog post.  Please only leave one comment on the HG Blog on the last day December 7th.  You can enter through December 9th 8PM EST.

What do you get out of it??  You will get lots of terrific holiday inspiration, 15 free projects some will be holiday themed some will not, you will have the opportunity to win a big grand prize if you enter the drawing on the 7th day with the correct "special words" and you can have a chance to enter giveaways individually sponsored by some of the designers  (Not all of the designers are sponsoring individual giveaways), and you will get to "know" each of the Henry Glass Designers a little more and share their fun holiday stories.  

Todays designer line up:
Linda Lum DeBono of Linda Lum DeBono Designs

Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures

Mary Ellen Von Holt of Little Quilts

My day on the Parade is December 2nd-see ya back here then!

The following is the Flickr link if you would like to post pictures of your projects from this parade.  Feel free to join in!

Facebook Link:   Feel free to blog about this and post the links for everyone you know! Text it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Blog it we would love that!

On top of all of that..... Jill Finley of Jillily Studio has made up a cover page.  This will be like a book cover for everyone who wants to print off the project instructions.  Imagine that a cover too?  Isn't she great?-- yes she is I know!  Here is the link for the cover pdf
What can you do with the cover?  Download and have color copies made of all of the projects, then have the cover copied in color on cardstock add a piece of cardstock to the back and have it bound!  It will make a great gift for all of your quilting friends!  

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