Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have been sitting on this news for the longest time.  Can't breathe a word to anyone they said.  I let it leak to my absolutely closest confidants-- think family and  a very few trusted friends.  I have to admit that, because who can sit on news such as this...........

Introducing TidBits my new fabric line from Henry Glass Fabrics!!!!!!

Can you believe it???  Me neither! I pinch myself often and have the bruises to prove it! Here is the free project sheet  AKA "the slick":

This is the free project sheet that will be up on the web at Henry Glass very soon.
The scale of the top 3 swatches is a little hard to see in the swatch image, but the repeat on that print is around 12".  It will be perfect for kaleidoscope blocks.  I love it and it is so easy to design with. I wanted to create a line that appealed to modern quilters with the bold browns and teals, and to more traditional quilters with the softer pastels --
It incorporates a vintage look and a contemporary look all in one line--- I'm so excited!!!!!
I have to thank the terrific people at Henry Glass Fabrics for everything-- this is a dream come true and too much fun!

So what do you think of these fabrics???