Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recipes Needed Still!!!

If you haven't submitted a recipe to the Quilter's Holiday Cookbook there is still time. 

Tomorrow is the submission deadline.  
Submitting a recipe is easy and your recipe and a photo of one of your quilts can be published in this cookbook.

It only takes a couple of minutes and I would love to see my "Followers" in the cookbook with their recipes and quilts!

Here is the submission link:  http://quiltinggallery.com/quilters-cookbook/recipe-submission.asp

Monday, November 29, 2010

so much snow--- I think it's time to retreat

The following pictures I took this morning after I shoveled and ran the snow blower.  It took me an hour to do 1/2 of the driveway and sidewalks in front of the house.  My husband dug out the car and shoveled the other half of the driveway and the walkway to the door before he went to work.  24 inches of snow in 24 hours, and this past week alone it has snowed nearly 4 feet.  It's still November.  This is really big snow for this early in the season.

That window is half covered in a snow bank.  The picture is off kilter because I was standing in a snow bank when I took it.  The roses are nearly buried, the trees are half buried.  See the snow on the roof?  I'm trying not to think about it right now.
It's time to retreat to the sewing studio..... sewing makes everything feel happier!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

100 Blocks Magazines are HERE!

I have the 100 Blocks Volume 2 magazine available to purchase now!  It arrived while I was out of town last Monday--

you can get it on my Etsy site-- or if you don't have an Etsy account just email me  and you can order it from me.   

I have a limited number of these magazines and they make a wonderful gift for any quilter in your life!
I will mail them to separate addresses for you but you must tell me in the information box on Etsy or in your email what address to ship them to.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Quilters Cookbook--Gift Giving

My friend Michele (AKA- Mishka) runs the Quilting Gallery website and includes so much information for all quilter's to utilize.  There is a Quilter's Market where you can shop for patterns and more from many wonderful designers, there is the Quilting Bloggers where you can find thousands of worldwide quilting blogs, a quilt shop locator, a quilt guild locator, a blog where she talks about many great new things, and she organizes worldwide swaps!  Whew!  I'm exhausted just writing this all down.

Well, in order for her to keep all of these wonderful services for all us going, she needs a bigger better web host.  That requires moo-lah.  Here's where we come in--  for a small fee of $8, you can pre-order this great cookbook. Then she will email you a downloadable version of the cookbook in early December. Last years cookbook had 119 recipes, and loads of pictures of wonderful quilts from the people who submitted recipes.

Think Gift Giving!  How many people do you like to buy for, but just cannot figure out what to do?  How many live far away and shipping is too costly to send a book?  Here is your solution.  Order a cookbook for everyone on your list who is tough to buy for.  If you provide the email address of the recipient for Michele, she can get it right to their inbox!  Talk about an EASY Button!

We want this years cookbook to be even better, with even more recipes.
If you have a great holiday favorite recipe, you can check here for submission guidelines.  Michele will accept one recipe per person for a short time-- remember it will be ready in early December-- so don't wait!

I will be submitting a recipe (as soon as decide which one) and a quilt picture for the cookbook.  I would love it if all of you submit one too!  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

100 Blocks Merry Little Flower

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway and THANK YOU to all who left comments.  You all said the nicest things it was fun reading them all!

Winner of the 100 Blocks Magazine from Quiltmaker is Melissa from Ardea's Nest
I decided to give an extra copy away as well! That copy goes to Marika in Hungary--She's getting an autographed copy :)
The magazines will be on their way shortly!
Thanks everyone!

Sign ups now closed for the giveaway.

Welcome to my blog post for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks!  

June and Carolyn of Creative Crafts Group and Quiltmaker first approached me in Minneapolis at Spring Market and asked me to submit a block for their second volume of 100 blocks.  I was thrilled and I loved meeting them both.  They are kind, and talented ladies. And of course the opportunity and challenge to create an original block for the magazine was too exciting.  A fresh new block is always a challenge, but it is one that I love.   
I didn't have much time before the submission deadline, so I began thinking about it once I returned home.
I had been spending time English Paper Piecing and I found that I really enjoy EPP.  It is a process, and it is not fast.  So much of my design work is on a timeline and a deadline, that it must be completed quickly.  There is not a lot of taking time to enjoy the journey when you work against deadlines.  However, I find that the journey of hand piecing is very relaxing to me.  So I decided to play with some shapes and came up with my Merry Little Flower block. I had to add a yo-yo because anyone who knows, me knows I adore making yo-yo's to adorn my many personal projects.  I made my block in 1930's reproduction fabrics because at the time I didn't have fabric from my TidBits line for Henry Glass yet.  I cannot wait to make it in TidBits though-it is certainly fun to make.  I love this block and I hope you do too!  

If you would like to win your own copy of 100 Blocks, leave me a comment about the 100 Blocks issue.  This can be anything related to the magazine, including which blocks you love, or why you would like the magazine.   

As a bonus you will find the basic instructions below for my 40" square Merry Little Table Topper.  Five Merry blocks and a little sashing makes a fun and happy little quilt.  This would also make a cute baby quilt!   You will need the templates and instructions for the block from the magazine.  My block is on Page 28 of the magazine.
Printable instructions here.  Merry Little Tabletopper instructions will be continue to be available on my blog sidebar for future reference.  

Thanks for visiting! 

If you would like to purchase additional issues of the magazine they can be purchased here at: www.quiltmaker.com/100blocks

Merry Little Tabletopper Instructions:
3/4 yard background fabric
3/4 yard border and petal fabric
3/4 yard red and white polka dot fabric for the sashing, binding, and red hexagon flower centers
1 Fat Quarter green fabric for the stems and leaves
1 yard solid soft yellow fabric for the setting triangles, corner triangles and yellow yo-yo centers
5 black buttons (optional)

Cut (5) 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" squares from the background fabric.
Make five Merry Little Flower Blocks as per the instructions in the Volume 2 issue of 100 Blocks by Quiltmaker.  Trim to 12 1/2" square.
Cut (4) 2 1/2" x Width of Fabric strips from the Black floral fabric for the borders
Cut (6) 1 1/4" x Width of Fabric strips from the red dot fabric for the sashing.  Leave two strips intact, and from the remaining strips, cut (8) 1 1/4" x 12 1/2" pieces, and (2) 1 1/4" x 14 1/2" pieces.
Cut (1) 18 1/4" x 18 1/4" square from the yellow fabric, then cut the square in half diagonally twice to yield 4 setting side triangles.
Cut (2) 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" squares from the yellow fabric, then cut them each in half diagonally once from corner to corner.  This will yield your corner setting triangles.  

Pin and sew two 1 1/4" x 12 1/2" sashing strips to each side of 4 of the flower blocks.  Leave one block without sashing, it will be the center block. Press the seams.  Pin and sew one sashed flower block to each side of the plain flower block, and press.  Measure the length and cut the long sashing strips to that length.  Pin and sew them to each side of the center row of blocks.  Press the seams. 

 Pin and sew one  1 1/4" x 14 1/2" strip to the top of one of the remaining blocks and one to the bottom of the other block.  Press the seams.  Pin and sew setting triangles to the sides of each of these blocks and press.

Pin all the rows together, and sew.  Measure the quilt top through the center to determine the length the borders will need to be.  Cut two border strips to that length.  Pin, sew and press the borders to the quilt top. Measure the quilt top through the center including the borders.  Cut the last two border strips to that length and pin, sew and press.  Now you can be Merry too because you are all done!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Hop Tour begins today!  

This is a great way to win some coveted prizes such as an original block made and signed by the designer, your own copy of the 100 Blocks issue, and some other amazing loot that all of the designers in the hop have donated.  
Simply go HERE to find out all the info on who's bloggin' for Day1.  I will be blogging on my assigned day November 11th- Veteran's Day.  

Also, if you want to skip right to a blog and get started you can go to my friend Linda Lum DeBono's blog.  

If you don't feel lucky you can also go HERE and order a copy of 100 Blocks for yourself.  And heck if you win another copy- well that's okay you can always give the extra copy to a friend!
Have you noticed the new little button on my sidebar?  That is for the first Henry Glass Designer Project Parade!  It begins December 1st and be sure to check back for more info!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Market Recap Part 1

 Here is the first stop I made at market-- The Henry Glass Booth.
Henry Glass kept in simple in black and white style this time.  Understated and classic, very nicely done.

Pink Fig and I featured front and center at the Foust booth-- Had to take a photo of  our featured lines!
Buggy Barn has a darling Christmas book out with the Santa's you can see in the quilt in this photo.  They have a Christmas line called Merry and Bright coming out and it is fun but still in some of the classic Christmas colors.  

The Bloom quilt is simply gorgeous in person. I took a close-up because even with the primitive colors, I loved it.  

American Jane's new line Le Petit Poulet.  This goes back the Provence colors but in a French and Dutch style, this time with chickens, maids and farm animals.  
Check out Molly the American Girl on the table there in her little Dutch shoes.

Sweetwater-  Fabulous and simple of course.

Blackbird Designs-lovely and decadent.

I loved this little Ducky at Bunny Hills booth- she is a very sweet little duckling don't you think?

Minick and Simpson always a class act.  The painting in the center is a real painting and is just wonderful.
It was painted by a very talented staffer at Moda, and their Mom is the girl in the painting in the blue suit sitting on the boat.  Their line is so reminiscent and the sun drenched colors are perfect.

Everyone loved the Iron Cover pattern that Me and My Sister Designs brought-- They are so clever!

Kate Spain's booth was fresh and gorgeous as one would expect!

Loved this Dahlia quilt at Exclusively Quilters.  This company is a little lesser known, but they are really beginning to sparkle with some of the contemporary lines they are making now.  They have quality quilt fabric, and it is clear that they are really gaining momentum in popularity.

Close up of the border print in the dahlia quilt.  this was on the chairs and tables in their booth.  Gorgeous Sherbet colors with a splash of deep brown-- right up my alley!

Nancy Mahoney's quilt is pictured below, is a  smaller version of the one in her new book Treasures from the 30's.  It is a downloadable free project on the Fairfield site.
                                   I just checked and I didn't see it there yet, so check back with them.  They
 This is a close-up of Pearl Louise's new Block of the month Quilt.  It is made using her new fabric line "bliss on blossom street".  It is very pretty and I love the black accents and the addition of the lilac color.  they had a lovely booth draped in her new line.  Notice the darling Scotty Dog at the bottom corner of the quilt-- Scotty Dogs are everywhere this year along with owls!

The Robert Kaufman booth featured the Clothesline Club on an endcap of their booths.
As a long time member of Clothesline Club and because cute Darlene Zimmerman is my friend, I loved their display.  The projects were all posted on the front edge of the table for the 2011 club, and the banner--- too fun.  I want one in my studio!

 A little picnic of "charm" is sure to be had with this little box of four different lines.  The box in the rear contains the makings of a no-sew banner such as the one in the previous photo.

Clearly this was my favorite of all Kaufman had to offer. Dr Suess is cute and fun-- but this was my kind of candy!

Here are some of Darlene's beautiful quilts in her upcoming lines.

Little Sunbonnet's getting blown away in the wind in this darling quilt.  Everyone should make at least one Sunbonnet Sue quilt in my opinion.

Lastly, Lynette Anderson's new line Summertime Friends with Lecien is shown here and is just gorgeous.  The colors are so soft, but there are hues of pink and lilac that pop out from the soft creams.  She is tickled with the results.  She said they got the colors just right, and the weave is soft on this cloth giving it a fine hand.

 Lynnette's newest BOM called Stitched By Me.
This log  cabin pillow just looks cozy to curl up with.

That's it for now.  I have a few more photos on my phone that I will download in a day or two for Part Deux market recap.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gees Bend quilt at market. Just simple and lovely. It is wonderful to see them in person.

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And the Winners ARE>>>>

Thank you to all who commented!  Your comments on my new patterns help me to determine what my buyers will like to see more of.  

Winners are:
Wendy who posted Nov 1st @ 10:01 PM Wendy chose the Flower Patches pattern
and Schmidt1016 (Leslie S. in MN) Leslie chose the Hidden Four Patch pattern

Congrats ladies!  

What do they win??? Well their favorite of the new patterns, and 1 VERY coveted copy of Quiltmaker's Volume 2, 100 Quilt Blocks, with my autograph on my block page-- these are hot off the presses and just arrived in the mail, 1 very cute Clover Shamrock pin given out only at Market, and I am still unpacking but I know I have a couple of cute Charm Packs of Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman to give too!