Friday, February 4, 2011

Cheater Binding with Rick Rack Tutorial

Ever have a project that you need done quickly and you either don't have the right fabric to bind it with, or you just have the time to go to the trouble of hand sewing the binding?
Me too.  So yesterday I wanted to get this little doll quilt done.  The strips were leftover from another project and I had sewn them together at the time.  The doll quilt is for my little girl who is 8.  She squeals in delight at this type of thing because it pleases her so.  Listening to her and watching her squeal in delight pleases me.
I also needed to test out this new sample of batting called Fusi-Boo by Fairfield.  I got the sample at Market last fall and it was a little bigger than a fat quarter-perfect size for a doll quilt. Fusi-Boo is a bamboo blend batt and with high steam and a little heat from the iron it bastes your quilt layers together.  Cool right?  I thought so too.
So I layered the doll quilt and batt and backing, then followed the instructions for the Fusi-Boo.  It worked really well.  All the layers were nicely basted together in just a couple of minutes.  As a note, I love that the Fusi-Boo is more "green" than the aerosol basting sprays, there is no smell, no over-spray, it's not sticky, and no I am not being asked to say this.  Just my opinion on a product I felt was worth talking about.  I needed to test it on something small because I have a big quilt to quilt this weekend.  Quilting it was simple fast and there was no wrinkles on the back-- that is so annoying when that happens.  Best part is that everything stayed together until it was quilted. Fusi-Boo can be found at Joanns, Hancock Fabrics and I hope many small retailers as well.

Want a FREE sample of Fusi-Boo to try out?  Click on this link Fusi-Boo Sample  once there click on the Sheep at the bottom of the picture and it will take you to a form to fill out for a free sample.

 Okay new product review done. On to the tutorial....

Once your project is quilted, turn under and press the raw edges of the quilt.  If you want the rick rack on the back, turn the edge to the back.  If you want the rick rack to show on the top of the project, turn the edge to the top.

Be sure to press with a very hot iron and steam because this edge really wants to lay flat.

You will need the big jumbo rick rack that is about 1 1/2" wide.  Fold under the raw end of the rick rack to hide the fraying and prevent further fraying.

Lay the rick rack on top of the folded edge of the doll quilt.  Be sure when you place it on top that the raw edges are covered up and hidden.  Pin through the folded edge of the quilt and the rick rack.   Pin about every two inches.  I pinned the whole project at one time, but you may want to pin one side at a time if your project is a little bigger.  When you get to the end, match up the rick rack and fold under the raw edge of the rick rack at the end.  The rick rack should meet  up so there is not a big gap between the end and the beginning.

Once pinned, turn over the project to the opposite side.  Begin to topstitch 1/8" away from the folded edge.

 Closeup shot to show the folded edge.

Once it is all topstitched it is all done.  Voila!  So fast, cute and very painless!

And yes she squealed in delight and promptly went to take care of tucking in her dollies!
Stay posted- I am going to try and post new tutorials weekly.
I have a review and giveaway planned for next week--  Think cool new rulers!!!


Diane H said...

I would squeal too! Very cute, thanks for the tut and intro to Fusi-Boo.

Liz said...

Awesome tute! Thanks!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Darling little quilt! Love the jumbo ric rac edge too! I did something similar only with prairie points on my spring table runner and just love how it came out. A fun alternative to traditional binding!


Kirsten N said...

Love the ric-rac "binding" - it would be so nice to use for pot-holders, rug mugs, place mats and table runners too!!

Anonymous said...

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