Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Bells

Our engagement photo18 years ago...He still keeps this in his wallet.
18 years ago today to be exact.  The wedding bells rang for my beloved and I.  I am pretty lucky, he's really good to me and to our daughters.  He puts up with me, my fabric and vintage 40's era stuff obsession, my moody days, my bad days and my silliness.  We have a lot of fun together, and we laugh a lot, mostly at ourselves!  I put up with him, his obsession with super-heroes, Gi-Joe, action figures, sports, his moody days that I like to call MAN-O-PAUSE, his stupid humor, and he complains a lot sometimes.  It could be worse for both of us.  

This all begs the question--- how do our children put up with us???  hmmm there is one to ponder.  I guess they have no choice really, so we all laugh at each other a lot.
 Our little girls- 8 years ago, also in his wallet

Marriage-- definitely not the easiest thing I have done in my life, but well worth the trouble, the trials and the benefits are limitless.

Many of our older friends, say we are nothing but babies still--- oh brother!  Gimme a break already.  After 20 years together, we are now the same age his parent's were when we met.  We have been together longer than we lived before we met.  We were 18 and met in college, became friends, then he pursued me, I caved and we fell for each other.  Many of our younger friends cannot believe we are this old--Hahahaha!  It's not old unless you believe it's old.  Fortunately they think we are younger-- but still think it is weird we have been married for so long.  I guess I think it is a bit weird too-- seems like a pretty long time 18 years.  Sure doesn't feel that long-- I think that is a good sign!

I am blessed, I am grateful, I am humbled daily, thank you Lord.