Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sewing Machine Advice.....

I just looked at these two really cute small sewing machines yesterday.  One is called "Sophia" by BabyLock and the other is "Audrey" also by BabyLock.
I wonder if anyone out there has tried either of these little machines?  I say little, because they are compact and so cute.  Sophia actually can do a 4" square area of embroidery which is impressive for her size and price.

Audrey has a very small throat, but is only 12 pounds and would be so perfect for taking to classes.  I also love that when I think of their name I envision Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn-- classic beauties in their own right.

Due to my basement flood I lost my Elna sewing machine in it and will need to replace it.  This is the one I took to classes and really used it a lot.  In May, I bought a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 from a friend who was trading up to a different fancier machine (hard to believe it gets better than the Pfaff QE 4 right?).  It is a wonderful machine, but is huge and heavy.  This is not a machine you take around with you to classes.

So I am taking suggestions on  a new machine to replace my Elna.  I have been told to look at the Janome Jem, the low end Berninas (nice but pricier than I was hoping for), and I will have to check out the Elna's on the Market too.  I really have loved mine.  I am pretty open to any good brand.

This just like the Classic Elna I just bought, but mine has not arrived yet so I couldn't take my own photo.  This one is being sold on Ebay for parts.

As an FYI, I already own a 1957 Singer Featherweight, a 1951 Singer Centennial 15-91, a 1926 White Rotary, we bought my oldest daughter a 1931 Singer 66 in a cabinet, and recently acquired an early 50's Elna Supermatic AKA- the Grasshopper.  I pretty well have my classics covered-- I use these but am not looking to take them to classes that I teach.  It might be time for me to stop collecting the classics though!


Amber H. said...

Audrey looks VERY similar to my Babylock Xscape, you may need to clarify if they are the same machine with a new name.

If that's the case, I can't say anything but good things about it! I love my Xscape, and it's treated me very well! I love the portability and I love the Babylock brand in general. I've got other machines too, but for the longest time, my Xscape was my go to machine for everything.

Plus a benefit with the babylock brand is if you need additional feet, they are VERY affordable! That's a total plus in my book.

A.J. Dub. said...

I have a Jem Gold and while it is light and portable, it does not have any features to speak of. No stitch length adjustment is the biggest annoyance, and very few stitches to choose from. I can't do machine applique unless I use a zigzag or straight stitch.
I don't know anything about other Jems. Janomes in general are excellent machines though.
My advice, make a list of what you use most and make sure it has those things.

Mary Jane Lemieux said...

Personally if I were to purchase another machine to bring to class, I would stay with the same brand. That way you'd have all attachments that would be multi-use. There are many classes that you need different feet and I'd rather buy one foot for the job than two.

Good Luck

bernie said...

A good place to check out sewing machine reviews is; like Amber I also own the Babylock Xscape and it does seem to be a clone of the Audrey; I purchased it exclusively for travel to classes as I did not want to take my machine out of the cabinet every time. It has been a sweet little machine. No complaints. Bernie

Four dogs and one quilter said...

This machine is a Janome labeled for Sears. One of my guild buddies bought one and she loves it.

I have a Janome Jem, which I love, but if I had know about this Kenmore would have gotten that machine instead and saved some $$$.

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