Sunday, October 9, 2011

On the radio with Pat Sloan

If you missed the broadcast, it is still available at the following link:

I just realized I was supposed to post this days ago, but better late than never!  Actually not late at all because tomorrow at 4PM EST I will be on the radio with Pat Sloan!
She is interviewing me for American Patchwork and Quilting's radio show.  We are going to chat about tools and all kinds of fun stuff.  

So if you want to listen in, you can link up HERE or at the link below.

I am still in disbelief that she is interviewing little ol' me, but she and I are old pals and we always have a good time together! These are some of Pat's websites:
If you don't know who she is in the quilty world, her websites and blog should change that.  You probably even own one of her books because she's written a bunch!

Don't forget to check back here later in the week because I am posting my review on the Accuquilt Go Baby!  I might be having some serious giveaway action going on with it too-- so be sure to check back!

And if you miss the interview, you can always get a listen on your computer or iPod using the links above.


Aikdum said...

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Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Kari, I listened to your interview with Pat Sloan and enjoyed it very much. You did a very good job. Congratulations!

daisy and jack said...

Hi Kari - I listened to your interview with pat sloan this week - I'm doing a bit of a catchup of them - I kept forgetting to charge my ipod ! but just wanted to say loved the interview so thought I'd come and say hi :)