Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daisy Dance

Daisy Dance is my second line of fabric with Henry Glass.
I just love it, the colors are bright and crisp and it is "happy fabric"!  Daisy Dance was inspired by a small piece  of  vintage feedsack fabric. 

 The swirls and daisies in this "inspiration" piece had movement and depth and from there the rest of the designs came very easily to me.  

This one is based on the Marguerite Daisy- a flower I fell in love with when I was designing flower arrangements.  It isn't often used in flower arrangements anymore because the Daisy Mum is longer lasting and has a stronger stem.

This one looks like little lazy daisies that you often see embroidered on vintage linens.  I added the gridded dot for a little modern flair.
This one I call the Tri-Petal, but someone told me they thought it looked like little angels in a row.  

These next three are the Master Florals-- one in each colorway

This one is the swirl dot, simple but effective.  This was the last piece we designed for the line. There were two other designs that I had wanted to include, but they were not playing well with the other kids.  So those were dropped (AKA -saved for another line someday) and this fun dot was created.

To see all the other pieces in the line you can visit the Henry Glass website.

I am expecting the fabric will be delivered in the next couple of weeks-- I will have it for sale at that time!