Sunday, September 25, 2011

Been away a while.....

I have been away from blogging for so long, I just couldn't get to it.  I assume everyone understands how sometimes life just simply gets in the way of all the extra "stuff" we do.  Life definitely threw me some curve balls this summer, both good and bad, and now I am back.

The best curve ball I got was some very unexpected news.....
I am expecting our third baby and am now 3 months pregnant.  Our youngest is 9 and our oldest is 12, so you can see why I refer to the news as a curve ball!  I feel pretty good now, but the last two months have been challenging.  I still have days where I just feel awful, and I assume that will not stop until after we meet our new little one.  Late March or early April is when this baby is due and we are all so excited about it.  I will be better about sharing updates now that I am feeling better.

As for the bad news of the summer, well I already shared the flooded basement saga.  It is mostly back together now.  The other news I won't share, because I am back and that is what counts.

This is a new project that uses my Daisy Dance line and it is very cute in my opinion.  It is a pattern for a Mug Rug and and Table Topper and the inspiration for the design was SPRING!  The pattern is available through a "workshop" that you subscribe to for $20.  Really it is a great deal because you get 4 different seasonal table runner patterns and mug rug patterns to match.  Where else do you get 8 patterns for 20 bucks?  You can find out more info about it and order it here at the Patchwork Posse site.

Aside from this, not a lot of sewing has been getting done.  I do look forward to finding out the gender of my little one then I can begin sewing for him/her.

What's next for me????  Well here are a few of my plans in the works.....

  • I have plans to post a tutorial on here about how to do an EASY and FAST Cathedral Window.  This one doesn't require hand sewing or waste fabric the way the old fashioned way does!  
  • I also plan some more tutorials as I have been remiss in getting any on here.  
  • I am working on getting my new fabric Daisy Dance on my website and for sale
  • I am also working on a new and improved website so it is more user friendly and updated!  That is sorely needed, so it really is a priority!