Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garden Party Blog Hop- Day 9

Let them Eat Cake!
When I was invited to be a part of the Garden Party Blog Hop I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to stretch my design wings.  Why you may ask?  Because first off, I really am not a fan of paper piecing.  I love the look when its done, but hate the process.  So I avoid it, like many quilters avoid applique. I have only designed one other paper pieced block and it was relatively easy to design.  It was for the 100 Blocks Magazine, and there was no theme for that block. With a theme, it makes you stretch just a little farther in your imagination and in your design.   So I felt it was a great challenge for me.

At first I wanted to do a Bee for my block.  After all, I live in the Beehive State-it seemed appropriate!  I designed it, but decided that after all the angles and about 50 different tiny pieces to sew, it was a little over the top.  So what else does a Garden Party need?  A gorgeous cake of course!  It isn't a party until you have a cake, or some other lovely dessert.  But for my Garden Party it is a pretty little three layer cake on a table with a tablecloth hanging down.  I put a little heart on top of the cake in my diagram, but you can embellish with buttons, embroidery, or dare I say it? Applique!  I also framed my block with a little border, so it finishes at 10".  Without the border it is a 7" finished block.  I hope you enjoy it!
Click here for the link to the pattern