Monday, October 29, 2012

Houston Quilt Market- Part 1

We arrived in Houston late on Friday afternoon.  We didn't get a chance to see any of the Schoolhouse sessions which is too bad.  I heard there were a lot of really great ones this year.

We went to Sample Spree, but got in on a late admission.  So we got in at 9:00 PM instead of 8:00PM.  No big deal really there was still plenty of fun things to see.

Day One:

Lots of excitement to get in.  The following photos showcase some of the great booths and fun projects.  This time I really didn't see that many great new tools.  Darlene Zimmerman is releasing some new fun tools, and Julie Herman has her Hexagon ruler out, also Lori Holt has some new circle templates.  I never saw Julie's ruler in person, just couldn't find it.  I know it was being featured, I just missed the Demo's I guess.  Lori Holt's Demo was on Monday and we left Houston Sunday night so I missed it too.  But be sure to check their blogs for the fun info on them.

A little fuzzy, but this is the pre-Sample Spree crowd waiting.  Some wait starting at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Doors open at 8:00-yikes! 

Annie Smith and her friends sporting her new skirt pattern-- it is very cute in sizes from small to plus. I apologize for this terrible picture.  When I increase the size it pixelates-not sure why.  I'm not a computer genius, so the next pic is from Annie's site!

Inside the doors of SS.

Morning of Market's first day.  Loads of people waiting.  The wind outside was too cold to out there! My first time in Houston when the weather was just as cold as it is in Utah.

Camelot Cottons new Pop Culture lines- my husband will love it!

Before Market started, Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty By Hand sporting her darling Hexie bag!  Loved that.  She released a very pretty book called S is for Stitch by C&T Publishing.
Had to show this picture extra large, the details were to die for!  This is the new Moda Designer Mary Jane Butters from MaryJane's Farm 
booth and her new line with them is Glamping.  Glamorous Camping!  That's my kind of camping.

Moda's Booth.  They carried a paint palette theme this year. 

Cool African made beads that help to support the women who made them.  I bought a few strands, the colors are just so pretty.

This is one of Darlene Zimmermans pieces--just so pretty in all it's vintage goodness.  It is her 20th Anniversary with EZ Quilting/Simplicity and her 30th in the biz!  Congrats to my dear friend- I love her to pieces!

I just thought this booth was really cute.  Seriously I could not figure out what this person was selling or promoting.  No one was there at the time so I couldn't even ask.  Very retro cuteness though.

These bears and the Elephant are oh so fun!  Made from rescued vintage quilts, that were too worn to use.  The quilts were falling apart so they re-purposed the quilts and made them into animals.  I bought two of the Elephant pattern and will be doing a giveaway for one soon! Patterns by Rusty Crow Quilt Shop.
Some darling projects at Just Another Button Company of their pins.  These pins are so fun!  I want lots of them to put in all of my cute pincushions--but now I want to make all these cute pincushions too!  So much I want to do, so little time.

L-O-V-E these wooly acorns!

Okay so that's it for this part of Quilt Market.  I should have taken so many more photos, but that is the way it goes.  I am a bad kid because I didn't even photograph any of the Henry Glass Booths or the Designers booths.  What was I thinking?  Well I did only get a day and a half to do what I normally do in three full days.  That's the way things worked out this time.  
Part 2 will have the tools and goodies I picked up and I am thinking it is high time to do a giveaway too!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Houston Market! Surprise I'm back!

Nearly 7 months ago I gave birth to this little guy.  He sure has turned our world upside down but in the best way possible.  We named him Ethan Xavier Ramsay and he was Born March 28.  He is a wonderful baby and is just so very happy.

I am currently working on some new pattern designs.  I am keeping busy developing some new fabric designs.  Cant wait to announce the next line soon-I hope!  And lastly, I am looking forward to getting some new tutorials up on the blog for you.  So stay tuned!

Fast forward to the present day.

Here I am in Houston for market and am ready to get back to business.  I cant wait to show pictures and share the new ideas that are out this year.