Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 5- A Very Merry Holiday Party

Today is my day for the Holiday Blog Hop with the Henry Glass Designers.

The holiday's are a wonderful time at our home.  My birthday is in early December which always has made it fun to celebrate even more.  I love having a birthday in December.  It is such a festive time, the lights and decorations are up everywhere, people just seem happier, and it gives my family an excuse to do something fun that we might not usually do.  We often take the train downtown and see the lights and decorations of the city and in Temple Square.  It is really magical in downtown Salt Lake City at Christmastime.  In year's past we have also gone back to my home state of Oregon to visit my family for my birthday.

The following photos are my girls several years ago in downtown Salt Lake City visiting Temple Square at Christmas.  Aren't they the cutest!  I just want to squeeze them!

Christmas lights are my favorite holiday decoration.  I love to see them on people's homes, on our tree, in our home, outside our home, in shops, and my favorite is to take my kiddos on a drive around random neighborhoods to check out the lights on other homes.  It makes for a fun adventure and we usually do it spontaneously.  I will be driving down the road and take a turn just for fun.  The girls are now old enough they know when the car is not headed home like they thought.  So they ask where we are headed and I just reply that I don't know, but let's see some lights on the way!

Favorite holiday recipe.  This one I have posted about before, but it is still a favorite.  My husband's family comes from England and immigrated here in the 50's.  His grandmother always made Bakewell Tarts.  They are wonderful little cakes with a jam layer and pie crust.  They are glazed with a light lemon/almond glaze and a cherry on top.  I thought the cherries were maraschino cherries, but last year I found out that they are not.  They are topped with a glace cherry.  These are the kind you find in American fruitcakes, but they are yummy on their own.  Nan (as we called her) passed away 4 years ago this Thanksgiving, and though I miss her terribly, each year I make Bakewell's for the whole family in her honor.  
Here is the recipe link

                                      My project is this fun No-Sew Wreath. 
A little known fact about me is that I was once a professional floral designer.  That is where the name of my company came from.  So for my project, I felt that combining both of my professions would be fun.  Don't worry if you have never made a wreath before, it is super easy even for a beginner.
you can get the instructions HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my additions to the Holiday Blog Hop!  Be sure to go and see Heather today too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Very Merry Holiday Party-Day 3

It's day 3 of the Henry Glass Designers Holiday Party!
You really must check out the blogs of every one of our designers.  Why?  Because so far the projects are just so cute and clever.

Today's designer's are Wilma Sanchez and Shelly Comisky.  Wilma has a great printable treat box for her free project.  It is darling and has a a recipe on it too.

Shelly is offering a sheet of printable gift tags-pure genius here!  I never thought about designing my own gift tags for holiday packages.  I should have thought of it,  because each year I run out of tags.  Then I have to make do with whatever I have on hand-often this is wrapping paper scraps-pretty lame eh!
So go check their blogs out and come on back here on Thursday for my post.

By the way yesterday's designers were my friend Jill Finley and Dawn Heese.  If you missed their posts, they have fun ideas too!  Tomorrow is Leanne Anderson and Beth Logan.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today's the day!  Our daily special of designer fabulous-ness today is Linda Lum DeBono.  Frankly, you just cannot miss checking out her blog.  Linda is terrific and has some really wonderful ideas.  
To top it all off, she just released this great book Sew Merry and Bright!  

 And we also have the very talented group of ladies from Little Quilts.  They are just full of charm, and their project from last years holiday blog hop was adorable-so you have to see them too!  Enjoy!

And by the way-- my day is almost the last day of the hop.  I will try to direct you each day, but if I miss a day, check out my first post on the hop, it has all the links to each designer.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Very Merry Holiday Party Blog Hop!

Well, it's that time of year again for the Henry Glass Blog Hop-The Very Merry Holiday Party!  Our fabric designers at Henry Glass have been busy getting our fun projects ready for this event.  It begins tomorrow!

How does it work?  Well, that's easy.  Each day there will be a couple of designers scheduled for their day.  You will need to go to their blogs on that day and get the project and read their post.  Each designer will be listing a favorite recipe and telling a holiday story or tradition.

There will be a grand prize giveaway at the Henry Glass blog and all you have to do to enter is to email your  guess of which designer belongs to the baby pictures posted.  The catch is there will only be a couple up each day- so you will have to check back to get them all and email Henry Glass at the end. So you will want to enter that.  The prize will be big bundle of fabric and each designer will send you a little gift.  Fun right!?

Below is the schedule for the designers, and keep in mind a lot of us may be doing our own giveaways as well.  Enter everything-you never know what you could win!

November 11:
Linda Lum DeBono
Little Quilts

November 12:
Dawn Heese
Jill Finley

November 13:
Shelly Comisky
Wilma Sanchez

November 14:
Leanne Anderson
Beth Logan

November 15:
Kari Ramsay
Heather Mulder Peterson

November 16:
Brenda Pinnick
Jana Nielson,

November 17:
Kim Diehl
Lizzie B Cre8ive