Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tutorial Help for Zippers and Bindings!

I am still working on the quilt giveaway.  Ugh sorry about that.  My plans got de-railed for a bit, so I am still going to do that soon.  Hopefully in a couple of days..... Sick baby, again.  The winter cold season keeps getting him!

In the meantime check this out:
Zipper installation, binding, bias binding and rolled hems.  Some are harder than others to get the hang of, but mostly they require practice.  I try to practice on something I don't care about first, then I attempt it on  the real item i am making.

Well kids, you asked and here is a little help.  I really don't do zippers well.  But Sew 4 Home is a great website that has all kinds of tutorials on it, including zipper installation. That was one of the most requested tutorials in my pre-Christmas post.  Binding is the other one.  Binding anything can be tricky. Let me just say that the reason I am giving you the info on Sew 4 Home, instead of doing the tutorial myself is because I have not perfected zippers or bindings.

So-- go HERE and get the most requested tutorials on both my site and theirs.  As promised, here is the help  I offered.  Next I will be doing a tutorial on EZ Cathedral Window blocks- they fast and fab and you will get hooked on them just like I did!  That is also coming soon.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Giveaway winner announcement!

The lucky winner is Angela Moore who said, "Thanks 
for the baby blanket mitered tutorial. New follower".  

Many, many thanks to everyone who commented!          

I have read every comment and will make a list of the great ideas you all offered.  Honestly, I don't know that I can do a great tutorial on everything mentioned, but I will sure try to do the ones that I know I can help with.  

It seems that zippers, curved piecing, and machine binding are topping a lot of people's lists.  Also, bags and purses are very much requested.  Smaller projects are in high demand by quilters, and I know why!  We are all so busy, it is fun to finish something quick!

Early this week I will be giving away a finished quilt!  I need to get the post ready, then we can be ready to give it away!  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Hop Party, and GIVEAWAY!!!

Blog Hopping Along....  Giveaway now closed.
Thanks to all who participated!
That is probably what you have been doing if you found me here!  Well thanks for stopping by and let me just say welcome to my blog!

In honor of Michele's (Mishka's) 5th Birthday Blog Hop bash I am sponsoring a giveaway, along with about 170 other wonderful bloggers.  You can find all the links HERE at Mishka's site Quilting Gallery.  She has so much info on this site and is always running giveaways along with her many links to Quilting Bloggers and Quilt Shops.  There is always a contest for different styles of quilts going on to.  I think the most recent was Christmas table Runners.  There are some very cute ones.  My personal fav was this spiral one.  I gotta try that technique.

I have a Freebie's Page that has several holiday projects and some other Tutorials that I have done.  Check it out.  I want to do more tutorials, but sometimes lack inspiration for what my readers want.  I would love to hear what tutorials you would like to see here on my blog.

So onto the giveaway......  It's easy enough, here are the rules:

  1. Leave me a comment telling me what tutorial(s) you would like me to post = One entry
  2. If you choose to follow my blog (please do-I would love that!) = you will get a second entry--just be sure to leave a second comment stating you are following.
  3. If you blog, pin, or Facebook about my giveaway leave me a link and a comment = third entry
Giveaway ends December 17th 9 PM MST.

What will you win?

Two bundles of  Buggy Barn Basics fat quarters from Henry Glass, one Olfa Circle Cutter (awesome tool), these fine patterns from me, one of my books signed, and an out of print 100 Blocks magazine, and possibly some other surprise goodies.  Opening this package will be a bit like Christmas morning for a quilter.  It's well over a $125.00 value!

Here is the fine print:  Giveaways are great, but participants must realize I set forth the rules, and I randomly choose the winner. (When I say random-- it is truly as random as it gets and is completely fair)  If I have contacted the winner and have had no response from them  after 9 days, they forfeit the prize winnings to the next random winner of my choice. I have a life and cannot be expected to chase everyone down. It is a giveaway, not life or death. Basically, I don't want to hear a bunch of griping about how this is run.  It's my giveaway, my rules, you don't like it- don't play.  Simple.  

Next week I plan to run another giveaway-- so be sure and check back.