Friday, June 21, 2013

For my over 500 followers on Google Friend.......

Google Fiend Connect is the way a great many of us who love to blog-hop go about following a favorite blog.  My lovelies it is going away as of July 1st, according to Google.  the Ratfinks!

So here is how you can follow me and my blog instead---- Please do this I don't want to lose even one of you! has generously created a  way to help all of us.
So go HERE and sign up for Bloglovin' and they will enable you to transfer all of your blogs you follow through Google Reader to your account with Bloglovin'.  

It is EASY!  I just did it!  It took 30 seconds.  You can sign up through your Facebook account or through your email address.

You can also follow me on Networked Blogs there is a little photo box on my sidebar like the one the ratfinks offer.  It is similar to bloglovin' and also easy to use.