Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scrappy Swoon Progress Report

So here are a couple of photos of my progress thus far on my Scrappy Swoon quilt.  Honestly while sewing it, I am not loving it.  But when I lay it out on the floor like this and photo it, I really love it.

These different segments are not sewn together yet, and this is steps 1-4 for those of you following along.  I think I will really love it when all is said and done.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Patterns for sale


These two really are not "new" patterns, but they are a part of the new look I am converting all my patterns into. I have actually published sixty patterns----I can't believe I did that!  That is a lot!
Anyway, many of them were successful, some were not.  What can I say?  Sometimes an idea that seems great to me- just really bombs.  So I have really been working lately trying to update the patterns that have been successful.  I am re-making some of the quilts in newer fresher fabrics.  So every so often I will show you the "new" ones.  

Did you see Cooper in the Swing Dance cover?  Yep, he loves to help me! This was the best shot of the quilt, and I thought it was cute with him in it.  The fabrics are "Socky" by Windham.  Love me some Sock Monkeys! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Scrappy Swoon Quilt Prep

Call me crazy, but I decide to do the Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along. 

Who's with me???

So we have to pick out colors and fabrics.  Lots of them.  As I said before, this is a scrap busting project.  So I looked at what I have a lot of in colors and fabrics.  Pinks, browns, reds, lots of random brights, some aqua/green colors.  I played with color options and decided on red and aqua.  I discovered I have tons of red choices, enough aquas, and definitely in need of more whites.  My whites and white prints are in bad shape.  I got out all I have, and I will need to buy a few fat quarters to make it work.  (I bought 3 additional white prints, and three more aqua-then I found a few more of each when I dug a little more!)
So here are my choices:  

                                                       I also discovered that I buy a lot of DOTS! 

Very pretty I think.  Now I have to press the fabrics and begin cutting squares.  Okay, did that and here they are all cut up.

And here is the link to the Flickr Group:

 This is how far along we are supposed to be...Clearly, I am way behind already!  

There are several people uploading photos on there, and the color choices are really great.  I am always impressed with the way a lot of people seem to be able to pull colors together that I would never try.  

From the Hopeful Homemaker:

For your background fabrics, you’ll need  42 – 3 7/8 inch squares and 192 – 3.5 inch squares
For your primary color (the center star color) you’ll need 36 – 3 7/8 inch squares and 132 – 3.5 inch squares
For your secondary color (the outer ring) you’ll need 30 – 3 7/8 inch squares and 168 – 3.5 inch squares
I actually cut my 3 7/8 inch squares 4 inches instead, and will trim them down.  That is what really works best for me.  I get a more accurate half square triangle.  So if you are going on this little journey with me, you can try that if you want.
Let me know how you are doing it and what colors you are choosing.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along....

 Christmas Eve photo.  He looks like one of Santas Elves!

My sweet baby is recovering from his nasty head cold-turned ear infection, so I am trying to get caught up here.  I couldn't resist putting this picture of him on here.  I actually swoon over him-but onto the real reason of this post!

This was something I ran across on Pinterest this morning, during a quiet moment in the house.  L-O-V-E this!
Sorry if you weren't able to click on the photo for the link.  I promise I had the links in here, but they dropped off for some reason.

I am seriously considering doing this quilt along by the Hopeful Homemaker.  (I like that name of her blog--I think I could be a hopeful homemaker too)  I love this quilt design, and love even more that it is a total scrap-busting project.  Now, I really don't need another project--I have too many in the works as it is.  But, I might have to make room for this one.  I love quilts made from a giant version of a block.  I should really design more of those type of quilts.  So what do you think--join me and so many others?  I will show my progress on this blog, which will hopefully keep me on top of the project.  First I better get to some of those projects that are now screaming at me to be finished!

I'm off now to pick out the quilt for the giveaway-- no I didn't forget!    I will post some photos, and the giveaway guidelines soon, maybe.  No, really I will!