Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog Hop Time! Kitchen Stitches style!

A bunch of us gals who contributed to the Kitchen Stitches book with Martingale are hosting a Blog Hop.  This is a Valentine's Day inspired blog hop too so all of our projects will be in Valentine's fabrics.  We each had to choose a different project from the book, and it couldn't be our project from the book.

I just love love valentine's day.  My husband and I began dating because of Valentine's Day.  I like to decorate for it, and make valentines for my family.  It's just fun.  So this is right up my alley.

So here is the line up beginning tomorrow February 3rd.

2/3  Heather at The Sewing Loft 
2/4  becky at the Patchwork Posse
and  Kim at My Go-Go life
2/5   Amy at FormWork Designs
and  Deby at So Sew Easy
2/6  Rebecca at Ruby Blue Quilts
and Jackie at Jabot Quilts
2/7  Melissa at Happy Melissa Quilting
2/8 yours truly!  Kari at Fresh Cut Quilts

I am going to be doing a giveaway for a book and a tool that would be helpful in making the project I chose to make from the book.

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